How to Filter dynamic array with table field-to-dynamic array criteria?

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Is there a way - with the Filter function or an alternative - to replicate below function but allowing for $G3# to replace $G3?

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Since G3# includes all values of "Symbol" a filter on G3# would include all rows - making the filter obsolete.

=TEXTJOIN(", ",,TEXT(UNIQUE(Table2[Date]),"m/d"))


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@ds100  alternatively i think you want something like this:

=BYROW(G3#,LAMBDA(r,TEXTJOIN(", ",,TEXT(UNIQUE(FILTER(Table2[Date],(Table2[Symbol]=r),"")),"m/d"))))

using BYROW lets you perform the operation on each row of the G3# spill 


Practically the same

  u, UNIQUE(Table2[Symbol]),
  IF( {1,0}, u,
      MAP( u, LAMBDA(v, TEXTJOIN(",", 1, TEXT( FILTER(Table2[Date], Table2[Symbol] = v), "m/d" ) ) ) ) ) )

@Sergei Baklan 

Map function came in handy for something else. Thanks again