How to enable color Printing in Excel

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How would I be able to print in color in a worksheet, like a range of numbers in red

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It depends on the format on the screen, this is easy you can change the font color from the Excel itself.

To print it in color your printer must support printing in colors, otherwise will be printed in back and white.

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As far as i understand your point of view, HERE are 3 main options i want to share with you regarding 'How to Enable Color Printing in Excel'.


1.  Make sure you are using a fully serviceable color-printer with full ink cartridge and follow these printer-specific solutions:-


- Use original printer brand cartridges

- Check the approximate ink levels, and then replace any low or empty cartridges as needed

- Use a software tool to clean the printer-head

- Replace the problematic cartridge, if identified

- Service the Printer


2.  Adjust the color-printer default settings using following steps: -


Figure 1 Go to 'Device and Printers' option from Control Panel



Figure 2 Right-click on your serviceable color-printer icon and select 'Printing Preferences'



Figure 3 Click on ‘Paper/Quality’ Tab and select ‘Color’ option


3. Uncheck the 'Black and White' option on MS Excel 'Page setup, Sheet, Print' (Leaving this option checked will instruct the color-printer to print in Black & White).

Here are the steps to uncheck the B&W option and enable color-printer to print in color.



Figure 4 In MS Excel sheet, Click on the 'Page Layout' tab, then the 'Print Titles' option



Figure 5 Uncheck the 'Black and White' option on MS Excel sheet 'Page setup, Sheet, Print'


important points:-

- If B&W option is checked, the color-printer will print in black & white.

- If B&W option is unchecked, the color-printer will print in color.


- By default, B&W option is unchecked, applicable to all printers regardless of printer type, color or non-color.


- In this default setting (unchecked state), color-printer will always print in color by default. However, if you want the color-printer to print in B&W, then only this B&W option needs to be checked.


Hope this solves your problem.




What do you suggest when you go into those settings and there is suddenly no color options at all?    It no longer shows color or black and white, i literally can't change it.

I'm having the same issue. No matter if its an old spreadsheet that i have printed in color, or a new one, I still have no option to print in color anymore.

  This method of going into the panels tab and unchecking B&W only, has finally been my solution. Thank You, @tmrhm1 


Thank you for your guidance. Very useful for future reference.

Figure 3  Paper / Quality  ----Colour