How to change the width of code editor for office script

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I started coding using office script at excel online.

I feel Code editor is too narrow to make medium-size or larger scripts.
How can I change the width of code editor for office script

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To my knowledge it's not resizable, that's only to wait for another version with hope it'll be improved.

Hey @Nory2021! Huge thank you for your question - as Sergei said the editor's currently not resizable, but we definitely recognize and agree that the code editor becomes difficult to use with large scripts. Right now our team is investigating ways to improve that experience - in the meantime, we absolutely appreciate you trying out Office Scripts and leaving us this great feedback
- Nancy from the Office Scripts team

P.S. If you're interested in giving feedback on new/future Office Scripts features feel free to join our focus group too! You can find us at

@Sergei Baklan 

Thank you for your answer.

I understood that currently I can not resize it.
I will wait to improve it!

Thank you for your reply.
I was surprised to get a response from Microsoft team member.
I feel that Office Script has a great potential to improve productivity and update development approach.
I look forward to future improvement and updates.
And, I registered and joined your focus group! Thank you!