how to automatically add a new row in a table if i add a new row in another one

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thank you to whoever would like to help me

i have a main table with some products and other info, a secondary table which get some info from the main one. now my problem is if i insert a new row in the main table how can i have a new row automatically added in the secondary table? i m using index and match to populate the secondary table but i need to get this new row added or removed when i add or remove products in the main one is that possible with some formula? i not very confident in use coding, script or visual basic etc. 

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if your data set does not have any confidential information it would be better if you shared your data set so we can come up with a solution that is based on real data set.


below is a poster who shared a misrepresentation of their data set that received a solution based on a mis-representation and is complaining that the suggested solution isn't working:


Find the first value from a column - Microsoft Community


as you can see in that post, the sample data set largely differs from the sample data set that was shared.

@Yea_So Product list is my main table, the one i will add on and remove rows, the Stock Value is the one that i would like to follow accordingly on what happen in the main table.

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when trying to normalize your product list sheet, I found:


is this correct?

dont know why you have that number, it is look like there are other info missing, like supplier name and unit, i can try to resend you the file if you like



that would be optimal so if I can find other things for you that would be one less problem for you to deal with

@Yea_So Here is the file again

thank you



After you add the new entries in Product List sheet, press ctrl+alt+F5 to refresh the Stock Values sheet.

Here you go:


Solution Reference/Credits:

Self Referencing Tables in Power Query - Excelerator BI