How do you get a linear trendline of a scatter chart with the Excel web app?

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Hope this information can help you

Add a trend or moving average line to a chart



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


This option is not available for Excel Online, you may vote for it here be able to add trendline on excel online 

lol why would i vote for a suggestion for something that's already available on the desktop app. that sounds ridiculous.
the comments on that suggestion say that google sheets has this. should've trusted my instinct.



So far I know…and I don’t know so much, Excel Online runs on limited features.

Nor, as far as I can understand, is there an acceptable substitute for a beginner or for creating a simple diagram.

Adding a trend line is a basic requirement for excel (in my opinion, it doesn't have to be the right one for everyone), Online version does not have this function.

As an example... The point of making a chart (standard curve) is so you can calculate an unknown value using the equation of a line. For this, you need a trend line.

It should also not be forgotten that not all students have the option to buy Office 365, many use the online version.

In my opinion, Excel (and the whole Office) has conquered the users not because there is a gigantic company behind it, but because it is very easy to use for every beginner and at the same time offers a lot of possibilities for different applications for professionals. It unites the amateur with the professional, it unites the future users with the long-term users, and it brings together ideas that can be shared and developed, from beginners to professionals.

That is why it is always good to think in advance whether a function is to be incorporated into further development or not.


I am also sure that there can be valid reasons than just these that I have listed, but the professionals can list them here.


Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion.


…and please don't forget, it's only my humble opinion ... because I know that I don't know anything (Socrates).




Look, there are Excel Desktop and Online, Excel for iPad, Excel Android, Excel for Mac, LibreOffice, Google Sheets, etc - quite many different spreadsheet solutions. All of them have different functionality, sometimes difference is not very big, sometimes significant. Select the product which better meet your needs.