How do I delete the name of a range which is grayed out?

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I downloaded a workbook for depreciation and want to simplify some of the formulas.  Some of the formulas refer to several named ranges and I would like them to just refer to a cell or several cells.  When I try to delete the named range I find that the name is grayed out.  The workbook is not protected.  How do I work around this or change a setting so I can discard the range names.  When I do try to write a simple formula it automatically picks up the range names.


For example:  When I try to write =M16+O16 Excel changes it to

                       =Data48[@[Prior Depreciation]]+Data48[@[Depreciation 2019]]

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Data48 is a table.

Press F5 or Ctrl+G to activate the Go To dialog.

Select Data48, or type this name into the box, then click OK.

The table should now be selected.

If you want to get rid of the name (without removing the data), click Convert to Range in the tools group  of the Design tab of the ribbon (under Table Tools), and confirm.

Worked perfectly! Thank you!!