How can I change the order of column chart in excel?

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I created a table and chart, but the order in the chart starts from "E" instead of "A". I want the chart to start from A down to E. instead of E on the top and A on the bottom. Please advise how I can do that. Thank you so much for reading my question. 


I've attached a screenshot. 

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Double-click any of the category axis (y-axis) labels.

Tick the check box 'Categories in reverse order' in the 'Format Axis' task pane.



@Hans Vogelaar Thanks a lot!


Do you happen to know if there is a similar setting for office for Mac? I looked in the axis property section but coudnt find one...

I found this setting, but not reversing the orders...



You have reversed the value axis (the horizontal one) instead of the category axis (the vertical one).

If you want to reverse the order of the vertical axis, you should double-click the vertical axis, of course.

@Hans Vogelaar I'm sorry where would that be..?

>double-click the vertical axis