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Using the histogram tool of excel 365 for mac i am not able to modify x interval values, only width i can modify with "bin", however i cannot understand what are bin of overflow and bin of underflow.

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Hi @Ivanomass,

In Excel 365 for Mac, when you're creating a histogram using the built-in histogram tool, you have the option to specify the number of bins and the bin width. However, you don't have the option to directly modify the X interval values as you might in some other software or statistical tools.

Excel will automatically calculate the X interval values based on the bin width and the minimum and maximum data values in your dataset.

Now, you might have noticed two unusual things: "Bin of Underflow" and "Bin of Overflow." These terms might sound a bit confusing, but they're actually quite simple.

Bin of Underflow: This is like a special bin that collects data points that are smaller than the smallest value of your data. Imagine your data is like a range from 1 to 100, but you set your bins to start from 10. The "Bin of Underflow" will count how many data points are less than 10.

Bin of Overflow: This is similar but for data points that are larger than the largest value in your data. So if your data goes up to 90 but your bins end at 80, the "Bin of Overflow" will count how many data points are greater than 80.

These two bins, "Underflow" and "Overflow," make sure no data points are left out, even if they don't fit neatly into your chosen bin range.

If you want to set specific values for your X-axis intervals (the numbers or categories on the horizontal axis), Excel doesn't give you that option directly in its built-in histogram tool. You'll need to either calculate the bins manually or consider using a different tool or software that allows more control over custom bin intervals.

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