HELP! I am in a pickle

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I am stuck on a formula and new to Excel......  I need to count how many people from each category are attending a meeting (1 for yes and 0 for no).  The response is in column H and category is in column I.


At the end of document I would like it to say


Cogent       3
C&C           2




Any help will be really really grateful.





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@katehutchins You can also use Pivot table to show the summary of all the categories and responses, i.e. attending and not attending.



Converting the source data into a table is recommended (not mandatory) for Pivot to auto adjust.

@katehutchins If you are still looking for formula, you can use COUNTIFS as below, but PivotTable would be Dynamic, Error free, User Friendly, and compatible with all versions of excel.


If L2 has the category you wish to check for...





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