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I got this code from the Internet which works pretty well. However, I would like to create an exception in what it does. The vba code renames the sheet names using a specific cell value. I need the code to be edited so it will also omit a sheet name that I do not want it to be renamed. At the moment, if there is any valid value on Cell F3, renaming will occur. If cell F3 is blank or >0, then it will give a message that the specific sheet has not been renamed....

Thanks in advance.

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Sub tabname()
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    For Each ws In Worksheets
        On Error Resume Next
        Select Case ws.Name
            Case "Exception 1", "Exception 2"
                ' Skip these sheets
            Case Else
                If Len(ws.Range("F3")) > 0 Then
                    ws.Name = Replace(ws.Range("F3").Value, "/", "-")
                End If
                On Error GoTo 0
                If ws.Name <> Replace(ws.Range("F3").Value, "/", "-") Then
                    MsgBox ws.Name & " Was Not renamed, the suggested name was invalid"
                End If
        End Select
    Next ws
End Sub
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Thank you !
It works perfectly.