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I trying to track how much feed my hens consume daily. I have 2 storage bins that get deliveries almost every week. I can enter the formula to calculate the daily number except when a delivery is made during that 24hour period. Can anyone be of assistance? The Formula needs to be able to calculate the feed consumed while also taking into affect the feed delivered that day. 


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I see, you already have feed consumed quantity. Can you explain little more what result do you expect and where (which cell would show output)?

@Harun24HRyes,  I'm looking for a way to calculate the feed consumed for the day, even with more being added to the storage bins.  Might not be possible,  but interested to see if anyone was seeing something that I wasn't.

@RattyBry This workbook should get you what you need. I hope this helps!

I will give it a try this week and get back to you. Thank you for the ideas!
Works like a charm, thank you so much for the help!