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I am building an estimating sheet for commercial painting.  I am trying to build a formula where if you make a copy of the original reference cells the formula automatically adds the new copied cells to to the sum.  Is this possible?



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Could you please clarify that on the sample. In particular, sum of what?

@Sergei Baklan thank you for responding.


It has to do with applying a markup percentage to a sum of reference cells. The reference cells are labor hours that are calculated by a formula that takes sq ft and divides by production rate, example is =sum(b12/h12).  That value, we will call value A goes to another formula we will call "markups" to perform =sum(value A*1.17).  My question is how do i create a rule in the markups formula so when I make a copy of the value A formula it automatically adds the copy to the markups formula.


Is this possible?


Let say in cell C12 you have the formula =B12/H12 (value A). You copy it to the cell C13 which will be calculated as =B13/H13. etc.

Markup formula in some other cell could be like


But it all depends on how exactly your data is structured.