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I am trying to return a value using an xlookup function. However I need to have a wild card and a set value search. Any ideas folks


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You will need to describe your situation a bit more fully to get much help. Perhaps this complete description of the XLOOKUP function will help, since you mention it.


Beyond that, though, you'll need to help us help you by sharing (on OneDrive or GoogleDrive) a copy of your actual workbook, pasting  a link here that grants edit access.

Best way is to provide file,
Still Vlookup or Xlookup can be used with search and * for lookup value
for example,
Product Id Description Sales Qty
100S4000 Small T Shirt 12
100M4000 Medium T Shirt 15
100X4000 Large T Shirt 17
100XL4000 Extra Large T Shirt 12
To get quantity of Prod id 100S4000,
use Vlookup or Xlookup =VLOOKUP(100&"S"&"*",$A$2:$C$5,3,0)
here the lookup value search for 100 and S then any number, based on lookup it gives result.