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I'm running a daily quiz for my work. I have a table set up in Excel withe the formula to generate the dates e.g. (=IF(WEEKDAY(A20,3)<5, A20,""). My issue is, I would like to be able have a sequence of the day numbers to track what number day the quiz is up to: See what i am refering to in the picture below. Instead of typing or autofilling. Is there a formula that i can set up or a rule that will work in conjuction with my dates Excel help .jpg


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Insert formula in B2 and dropdown.

See Example file.


You can use SEQUENCE function, is available in Excel for Microsoft 365 and Excel 2021 that support dynamic arrays. 


Additional for instance, to generate a sequence of workdays starting on a specific date, you can use the formula: =WORKDAY(date-1, SEQUENCE(sequence_size)).