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Hello all, 

I have a spreadsheet called "English Premiership" that contains performance indicator data from rugby matches. In column A I have the game number. Each game has 2 rows (1 for each team) so it goes 1,1,2,2,3,3 etc starting at row 2 (1 row for headers). In column B, the winning team from each game is denoted by either a 1 (win) or 0 (loss). My perfrormance data then starts from cell J2.


I need a formula that I can enter onto another tab called "Relative data" that will seperate the rows into pairs (i.e. games based on the number in column A) then check which team has won that fixture (column B) and then subtract the data on the losing team's row from the winning teams. The data is organised home, away, home, away etc so it is not always the winning team above the losing team or vice versa. 


I'm happy to provide more details if needed but any help would be hugely appreciated.



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More information and some sample data to work with is needed.  For example

= WRAPROWS(winner, 2)

would convert the format of the highlighted data


but whether that represents progress, I have no way of telling!