Forecast sheet is not under data tab.

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I am using excel 365 and do not have the forecast sheet function. does anyone know if this moved or where I can find a similar feature. 

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What the "forecast sheet function" is? If you mean FORECAST() it shall be available practically on all platforms


FORECAST and FORECAST.LINEAR functions - Microsoft Support

Thank you for getting back to me. The forecast sheet is found under the data tab under the forecast group. My excel does not have this capability and I was wondering where it can be found.


According to Create a forecast in Excel for Windows, the Forecast Sheet feature is available in Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2021, Excel 2019 and Excel 2016.

Are you sure you have Microsoft 365? What do you see in File > Account?

Thank you for the response! I am using Microsoft Excel for Mac 16.75.2


Which version of Office?