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Is it possible to find common content of cells and replace all with other content?


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Hello @Silver1964!


It is absolutely possible to find content in cells and replace them en-masse with other content. Most applications support this feature.


You can either click the "Find & Select" action in the "Editing" group of the "Home" ribbon, or use the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut. This brings up the "Find" dialogue.





The dialogue includes the "Replace" feature as well. I recommend expanding the advanced options using the "Options >>>" button to help you select the cells you want to search in and other options that may help in your specific case.


However, you will simply enter what you want to find in the "Find what" dropdown text field and type what you want the replacement to be in the "Replace with" dropdown text field.




Mr. EdHarris,
Thank you very much. It was a piece of cake thanks to you.
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