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Dear Experts,

                   Can you please help extract the Date from the cells as below :-



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Anupam Shrivastava


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You may use


and fill it down





@Detlef Lewin 





In my limited testing (a few trials of 10,000 cells each), FLOOR.MATH was the fastest, with INT a close second; QUOTIENT was the slowest,.


In general depends on goals. If we would like to show dates only and don't care about the time, when select columns, Ctrl+1->Number->Date.


If we extract dates, actually we update datetime into datetime value for the given date at 12:00:00AM shown as date only.


If we will do some calculations with dates, for example,

Created is 5-23-2023 11:30:00 PM

Resolved is 5-24-2023 12:30:00 AM


the difference between Resolved and Created will be 0.042 and 1 day for above cases accordingly.