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Why is an extra dollar amount being added to the merging spreadsheet? One tab is working correctly and the other tabs that are merge to the total spreadsheet is adding an extra dollar amount.

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Could you please give bit more details - what are merging and subtotal spreadsheets, how do you add data to them, on which Excel platform/version you are.

Okay, I merged the tabs I created to a main tab to calculate the totals from each tab. Tab one calculates correctly, but the remain tabs calculate an extra dollar amount or an extra dollar amount is being calculated to the main tab (tab one).


How do you calculate totals in the main tab? That's SUM() or SUMIFS() on ranges in each tab, or these are links to cells with totals in individual tabs, our you use lookup functions, or something else. Do tabs have the same structure.

It's better if you could illustrate on the sample file or at least on screenshots.

I sent some screenshots?






Screenshot 1 and 2 is the formula working correctly, 3 and 4 isn't


@Sergei Baklan 









Not sure what are the names of your sheets, with formula


you sum values in cell I18 in all sheets between TOTALS and SHOES, i.e. that's the equivalent of something like


Perhaps you'd like to have total only in SHOES, when it's simply