Excel VBA SHELL function does not work anymore

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Recently I switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I

use Excel 2016. With W7 the VBA 'SHELL' function worked fine, but now I get an error message (error code 5). I am using the same Excel worksheet as with W7.

Why does this simple script work in Excel and W7 and not in Excel and W10?


Sub openP3d()

' openen van P3d

Shell ("C:\P3d\Prepar3D.exe")
End Sub


Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this problem?

Many thanks in advanced



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Set shellwindows = GetObject("new:9ba05972-f6a8-11cf-a442-00a0c90a8f39")
Set itemobj = shellwindows.Item()
itemobj.document.Application.ShellExecute sTempBAT, "", "", "open", 0


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