Excel vba buttons disappearing

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Hi, I'm an other one who has a problem with disappearing buttons. I'm using a macro enabled excel file as a template for another software (Altium). When I generate the new file my two buttons disappear but the VBA codes behind them still exist. The only "fix" I found was to add two new buttons that do nothing. My first ones then appear but not the last two ones. It looks like it never shows the last two ones no matter what I do. I also tried going to the advanced options with show all, but it did nothing.


Does someone know what could cause this?



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As far as I know, if the file is opened with Excel Online in Sharepoint (or OneDrive) and then saved, all macro buttons disappear when opened with Excel with a permanent license, such as Excel 2016.
Maybe this information will help you...if not, just ignore it.

@NikolinoDEI'm indeed working with a Sharepoint, that might be one of the cause, thanks