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I am using a general ledger with budget comparison template (pic attached). It comes populated up until a certain amount. When I try to add more data, by inserting another row, everything is pasted including the exact same formulas. 


As I try to populate the sheet where the GL codes gets its data from, it won't show up on the added row... but if I use one of the GL codes given on the template, it will work... 



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It appears you need to:
a) insert a row on the YTD BUDGET SUMMARY tab and fill in the G/L Code, Account Title, and Budget columns
b) insert a row on the MONTHLY EXPENSES SUMMARY tab and fill in the G/L Code, Account Title
c) then you can add the itemized expenses using the G/L code

GENIUS! Thank you infinitely!!!


Any way you might know why it suddenly stopped working? Opened it to input more info, and none of the amounts are calculated... not sure why!!
is the sheet/workbook set to calculate manually? check Formulas - Calculations and try Calculate Now (F9) and check the Options there.
Yes, it is. That's why I'm not sure what the problem is
Wait, "Yes, it is"? It is set to "Manual"? It needs to be set to "Automatic" for the calculations to automatically update. Also, were there any errors or warning when opening the workbook? For example if there is a circular reference somewhere excel won't calculate (unless you change settings).
Apologies, I meant to say that it is set to be automatic. And, no errors, everything was normal!
sry I'm at a loss. I assume you tried the old, close and re-open, re-boot, etc... Can you share the workbook (i.e. no personal/private/confidential info)? you could also try posting the question as a new thread and see if anyone else has ideas what else to check.