Excel "moving" data.

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I have a user who claims they enter data to a certain cell within a worksheet, save the worksheet, then come back later to find the data in a different cell.  They claim the data moves up or down one or two rows, sometimes left or right a column.  They claim this is occurring on a worksheet which has VBA dialogs, but for cells which have no VBA coding associated to them.  Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?  Thank you.

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Hi @TBill1965


Sounds strange to me, even for a MAC!


I haven't encountered that before. The only thought I have is that if there's VBA involved, is someone playing with the code and has made some programming errors that is causing the issue? Might be worth a glance at the VBA code to see if there is something going on.


The other thought I have is to try and confirm if the user is telling you the truth about this (users don't always describe or understand things correctly) by doing the actions the user has indicated to see if the outcome is what they say it is.


I supposed one final thought is to check SharePoint/OneDrive (if the file is being stored there) and see the previous version history and whether the versions show the issue too.


Anyway just my thoughts.


Best wishes and good luck!




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