Excel Protected Timesheets

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Hi, I'm trying to set up online timesheets for our remote engineering staff using Excel. I have Protected the Sheet and Workbook to avoid any "accidents" when being completed and used Allow Edit Ranges for the cells that need completing. This all works well on my PC and prompts for a password before entering anything in the allowed cells but I can't get it to work on Android - double tap on the cell just says "This sheet is protected. Some parts may be view-only and can't be changed". Am I missing something obvious?....

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I expect it simply means Android Excel does not have that particular feature. Have you tried using Excel on-line for this (so opening the file from OneDrive in the browser)? Does it allow you to use the feature?

Tried opening on the Android device using Microsoft Excel app, OneDrive app and Excel Online through the Chrome and Samsung browsers but none allow me to edit?

@Mark_Barrett Can you instruct about  creat password for rank on excel online? I can't do it. Thanks so much.

@Candydung01061983 The way I've found is under Review then Protect Sheet/Workbook to password protect everything or you can use Allow Edit Ranges to protect everything but selected cells. This seems to work on PC but not with our Android devices through either the Excel app or via a browser.

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