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Hi, I was trying to type this formula in cell: =IF($A$25= 1,SQRT(E4/3),IF($A$25=2,(22+SQRT(484-(8,4*(75-E4))))/4,2,LN(E4))) . When I press enter the window appears and it says something like: there is a problem with this formula. This is original formula:  llč.PNG

and when I tried to change something ( like I did up there with , instead of ; ) the window that I already mentioned appears.

Please help.

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If you use point as decimal separator, you should use 8.4 instead of 8,4 and 4.2 instead of 4,2:


=IF($A$25= 1,SQRT(E4/3),IF($A$25=2,(22+SQRT(484-8.4*(75-E4)))/4.2,LN(E4)))

@Hans Vogelaar 

I thought I had already tried it.

Problem solved, thank you very much <3