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I need your support on something. I want to create a bonus table and tell the customer representative how much bonus he should receive. The table is as follows. Column (A) Customer Representative, Column (B) Turnover Target, Column (C,D,E) Category (C=80%, D=100%, E=120%), Column (F,G,H) Category Ratios (F=0.0003, G=0.0005, H=0.001), Column (I) Total monthly turnover of the Customer Representative, Column (J) Shows the percentage of turnover made by the Customer Representative.

According to this data, if the customer representative reaches at least 80% of the monthly turnover target in column B, I want to multiply by the ratio in column F, if he reaches his target by 100%, by the ratio in column G, if he reaches his target by 120%, by the ratio in Column H. How can I make this formula ?

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does the attached workbook do what you want?

hii Hans,

Thank you so much for your help.