Excel Formula, combining two IF statements

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I need to string together two IF statements, =IF(C7>=70, C7*0.5) and =IF(C7<=69, C7*0.65), please help

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here are two solutions:


Thank you!


In general, it's good practice to arrange your IF statements into an IF, THEN, ELSE (If not) order. For instance,

If C7>=70

Then C7*0.5

Else (If not, then) C7*0.65


This always translates well to the IF function in Excel, which is IF("If" condition, "Then" condition, "Else" condition) or =IF(C7>=70,C7*0.5,C7*0.65)


Just be aware that it will always follow the first condition that meets the criteria, in this case multiplying it by 0.5.


Also take a look at IFS, which is good for multiple IF statements. The format is the condition followed by the action, followed by a new condition and subsequent action and on and on. For example,


=IFS(C7>70,C7*0.5,C7>60,C7*0.65,C7>50,C7*.73,C7>40,C7*.78,TRUE,C7*.82) (Where the "TRUE" will catch all cases that don't meet the other criteria).


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And quite often better to avoid IF(S) even if that's first what we have in mind - Detlef gave good examples. Alternative could be more compact, effective and maintainable.  Assume if in IFS from previous post we have some complex expression instead of C7.

I need to string together IF statements like this


Ok, so let's organize your criteria:

N20 <= 100

N20 > 100

N20 <= 200

N20 > 200

N20 <= 300

N20 > 300

The initial problem is that the criteria overlaps. For instance, if N20 = 150, should it meet the criteria for N20 > 100 or N20 <= 200? If N20 =301, should it meet the criteria for N20 > 100, N20 > 200, or N20 > 300?

The criteria should usually be something like:

N20 >100 AND N20 <=150

N20 >150 AND N20 <= 200

N20 >200 AND N20 <= 250

and so on. Can you clarify your criteria statements?

@Bryant Boyer 

I've read all the replies to the intial question without being able to apply it successfully to my two formulas that I want to combine. 



Both formulas work fine separately, but I need them to be in one cell, i.e. combined. How do I do?



These two formulas are conflicting in logic if to combine them. Let assume B3 is more than 50. With that if E3=15 first formula returns 40, else 50. At the same time "else" means E3=7.5 as well, in this case second formula shall return 30. So, not clear what shall be returned, 50 or 30.




Thanks for helping me think. Here is the data I want to get into one formula and one cell - if possible. It is the number of hours (20, 30 or 40) I need the formula to return if it's a 7.5 hp course with more or less than 50 students or if it's a 15 hp course with more or less than 50 students.


7.5 hp <50 students = 20 hours
15 hp <50 students = 30 hours
7.5 hp >50 students = 30 hours
15 hp >50 students = 40 hours




I see, thank you for the clarification. It could be




Ahhh, bliss - THANK YOU so much. 
I wish I could return a favour, but still in learning mode. You have saved me hours of work!

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@MarieHelena , you are welcome

Dear all,
I need a help with two if function in one cell.
I must take details from two sheet, and for that reason, use one if function. Another if function I need for keep clear cell with error example #N\A
=if(a4="","") =if(g4="crew",""),if(g4="pax",vlookup(a4,pax!a:u, 5,false))
I must prepare functions in whole sheet but if I don't type argument in cells always show error msg #N\A


Perhaps you mean

    IFNA(vlookup(a4,pax!a:u, 5,false),
         "can't find"),
    "wrong combination"
hey Sergei ,
Already fixed. My mistakes was that I had put parenthesis after first argument.
Anyway thanks a lot

Hi Everyone, 


I need to combine two IF statements:





Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.