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Hi All,


I was taking a look at the ExcelScript API but unless I missed something I have the feeling that Event Listeners are not currently implemented in Office Scripts (TypeScript/ExcelScript) for Office 365's Excel for Web...


Essentially, I want to add an Event Listener to a Worksheet [ex. onChange.add()] so I can lock the active cell after any data has been inputted...


Are Event Listeners even available?


I'm not looking for anyone to write any code just a Yes or No answer to whether or not Event Listeners are implemented, and if Yes, a little nudge to the applicable API documentation.


Much appreciated,


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I have exploded all api of excel.script and found NO anwser.

If you want to interactive function, script lab may useful.(



Thanks for looking into it and your alternative recommendation! Add-ins where my next line of investigation so it's reassuring to get your suggestion. Much appreciated

You are welcome.

below for your reference


readonly onSelectionChanged: OfficeExtension.EventHandlers<Excel.WorksheetSelectionChangedEventArgs>;

await (context) => {
const sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getItem("Sample");
sheet.onSelectionChanged.add(function (event) {
return (context) => {
console.log("The selected range has changed to: " + event.address);
await context.sync();
await context.sync();



// Link to full sample:
await (context) => {
    let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getItem("Sample");
    await context.sync();

    console.log("Added a worksheet-level data-changed event handler.");
@peiyezhu, thanks again, I took a look at the documentation. It's pretty straightforward, the only logistics I would have to tackle is hosting the manifest file as I would have to clear this first with our IT department.