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Excel File going to 40% and holding for up to 1 minute 8 seconds before opening.

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I have a very large program I use for estimating (18,566KB).  Program works well and does not require a lot of time to open (5 to 10 seconds).  Made some changes to the program and increased it's size to (21,145KB).  Now the program get's to 39 to 40% and holds for over one minute before opening (1 minute 12 seconds at most).  I don't believe it's the size because I deleted some pages to get it smaller, and it still hangs.  This leads me to believe its a coding issue.  I went back to older revisions and tried to make one change at a time to try and find the issue without success.  Most of the time it hangs at 39%, then says "accessing printer".   I tried to save the file to default to PDF.  Again, without success.  I am running Windows 11.  I have done all the updates.   I tried to save it on my computer vs. cloud and nothing seems to matter.  How can I possibly trouble shoot this?  This is a Macro-Enabled Worksheet.  Macro part of the workbook has not changed from earlier versions (ones that open quickly). 

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Update!!! Just figured it out. Hide the cells! I had a large amount of cells hidden. Some of the cells contained formulas. If I have them unhidden the program stops at 40%. Hide them, it opens quickly.
Microsoft Excel has given lengthy document for improving opening file
Please take the points from the document which ever useful tips


Morning and thank you for the response.   I have tried a few of these items, and update others as they become obvious.  Unfortunately it becomes a balance between the time it would take to completely rewrite a program that grew over the past three years, vs. accepting a slower opening program.  Ten... Fifteen seconds I can accept.  One minute, eight seconds is a little excessive.  I did find through trial and error that hiding unused cells seems to significantly speed up the opening process.