Excel - adding new data points to an existing chart

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I am trying to add data points to an existing chart.  The new data has been added to the table in the related spreadsheet.

When I right-click on one of the three series shown in my chart and then choosing "select data" the Select Data Source window which appears states that "the data range is too complex to be displayed".


I would be most grateful if anyone could advise the next steps to take to display on my chart the additional data I have added to my table.

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If you left-click on a series, do you see a formula in the formula bar of the form




In this example, Sheet1!$A$1:$A$12 is the x-values range, and Sheet1!$B$1:$B$12 is the y-values range.

If I wanted to include cells in rows 13 to 15 in the series, I'd edit the formula to



Many thanks for your response to my question, Hans. Your solution is what I have been doing previously. However, perversely, the "Select Data Source" window is not displaying the data ranges for the "x" and "y" axes but instead states that "the data range is too complex to be displayed.
Where do I go from here?
Instead of right clicking a data series, right click on the chart and choose select data. This will show all the available data sources. You do any of the following:

1. Re-specify the entire data to be charted in the 'Chart data range' box.
2. In the legen entry section click on 'Add'.

Note on the series values in the Edit Series window: it is best to clear the contents before selecting new data.


I meant clicking on a series on the chart itself. That way, you don't have to use the Select Data Source dialog.

Thank you for your advice, Nowshad Ahmed. Exactly what I was looking for. (Simple when you know how!)

Thank you, Hans.  Right-clicking on the chart itself, rather than the actual plot, seems to be the answer.  Your advice is much appreciated.


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