Excel 2016 Workbook Printing Double Sided problem

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I got a new Windows 10 computer.  Previously, I have used Excel 2016 with no issues.  What I need to do is print a workbook in Excel (multiple worksheets) double sided.  For example, sheets 1-3 are on one tab, while sheet 4 is on another.  When I print, I would generally click, "print entire workbook" which then takes my document from 3 pages to 4.  Pages one and two print double sided no problem, but no matter what I do, pages 3 & 4 will not print duplex.  Other than printing to pdf (which saves it, then I have to open that document and print from there which is a PAIN), can I print those 4 pages onto 2, or am I stuck? I have searched the internet to no avail.  Thanks!

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Hi Adrienne,


As variant, did you check your default page size is the same on old and new PC:s, (was A4 and now A4) or changes (e.g. was A4, become Letter)?


Not sure that's an Excel issue.


We are having the same problem. Did you get a solution to your issue?

I can recreate this with Excel 2016 both with and without O365 but Office 2010's Excel will print double-sided and in colour no problem.

All updates applied and so far I haven't found a solution online. Still looking though...



Having the same problem with Excel 2016 not printing on both sides of paper, No matter what it prints single pages. Strange that no problem with Word documents? Also, PDF docs are fine also. Just the EXCEL files. Didn't have any problems until after some update was automatically downloaded with the 365 added. I uninstalled the 365 since I didn't want it. Also uninstalled EXCEL 2016 as suggested from some tech at MS support. Re installed and it didn't have and effect. Very frustrated, MS has been of little to no help with this!

After searching the net for a resolution to the excel not duplexing I read this post. I loaded my simple sheet into Libre Office and it will also not print multiple copies of the sheet by duplex. I printed the sheet to a pdf and Acrobat will not print it in duplex mode. It is my conjecture that the problem is in-coded in the sheet itself. Libre Office and Acrobat have not problem printing other documents and duplexing. I have put all the time I am going to into this issue, it's much faster for me to just duplex it manually.

@Adrienne Schroder 


If you’re trying to print off an entire Excel workbook (all the tabs, or more than one tab) you’re likely to have trouble getting it to duplex print properly.

The reason for this is that Excel is inclined to treat each of those tabs as a separate document, each with its own printer settings (I know this is an oversimplification, but thinking of it this way makes the problem easier to understand).

The simple fix it is to go to each individual tab and adjust the print settings (IE: from each tab, go to File --> Print, and select duplex).

You can also do this from the “Print” settings page by scrolling through the print previewed document for the entire workbook, and adjusting the settings as you get to any given page from each tab.

@Scruffy  this absolutely solved my problem.  Thank you!  I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on trying to figure this out! 

Your idea worked, but it's annoying to have to open the print dialog separately for each worksheet. Do you know how I automate this process? @Scruffy 

@Adrienne Schroder I have the same issue since going to Windows 10 and with Excel 2019.

@Scruffy This didn't Work with Excel 2019

@Ajames01 I don't know if this applies to your situation, but I have found that you can only duplex b/w with b/w & color w/color - you can't duplex with b/w on one side & color on the other.