[Example] How to enumerate rows in a table using multiple criteria. [Office 365]

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Just wanted to show an example how to use new SORT and FILTER Excel functions available in Office 365 to enumerate rows. It's an equivalent to SQL window function ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY a, b ORDER BY c)


In the following example all flights are stored in a table, Flight No uniquely identifies individual flights. We want to enumerate flights for each combination Route + Fleet No. in ascending or descending order.


In ascending order:

=MATCH([@[Flight No.]],FILTER([Flight No.],([Route]=[@Route])*([Fleet No.]=[@[Fleet No.]]),""),0)


In descending order:

=MATCH([@[Flight No.]],SORT(FILTER([Flight No.],([Route]=[@Route])*([Fleet No.]=[@[Fleet No.]]),""),1,-1),0)




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