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Hi everyone, I've got a slight issue with embedding a PDF file into my Excel sheet. I tried already Insert > Object but it won't allow me to add the PDF file. There are limited options there (3 types of Word documents and that's it). I'd appreciate any help, thanks!

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I'm not a mac specialist, but maybe this information can help you.

Link or embed data in Office for Mac


Hope I was able to help you and would be happy to know if I could help you.



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Thank you @Nikolino, I appreciate it :)! Unfortunately, I've tried those available Excel support solutions and it's not working in my case - not sure why :(.


The thing is when I try to embed an object I should be able to choose from different file types and there are only 3 types of Word docs. Even when I try to embed the object from the file, an alert shows that the object cannot be embedded. My version is in Polish :D. I'll attach some screenshots so you can see the issue.

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Wouldn't it help if you first change the various files into the possible format to be included (one of the three formats you mentioned) and then embed them?

I'm sorry, but I can't offer you more than that, a specialist would have to take care of the problem, maybe someone else can be found

Sorry that I took your time and couldn't give you a quick solution.

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No worries @Nikolino, that's actually a great idea! I'll make it a Word doc and then embed it.


You didn't take my time, you helped me out  Thanks a lot once again, you've been very helpful!


You too have a great day ahead!

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