Dragging and copying a formula

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Hi, hoping someone can figure this out.  I am trying to copy down a % increase - its a long list but it will not copy down.  I have gone into automation and that is ticked, also file options advanced and ensured all that is ticked but still nothing it just gives random numbers.  Hoping you can help.  Thanks


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Ensure that the formula you're using to calculate the percentage increase is correct. The formula should reference the appropriate cells for the starting and ending values. For example, if you have the starting value in cell A1 and the ending value in cell B1, the formula for calculating the percentage increase in cell C1 would be: =(B1-A1)/A1.



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What does your formula look like? Can you post a sample workbook with both results and expected outcome?

Thank you@Jan Karel Pieterse 

I have just worked it out, I really appreciate you coming back to me.  

Thank you