DATEDIF's known issue in "md" unit

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Hi folks,


On this link:

DATEDIF Function - Support Page

You will find at the bottom of the webpage a workaround for the DATEDIF's known issue in "md" unit!

But be careful, this workaround isn't complete; because it does not take into account the start date! 
It only gives you the correct result if the start date is the first day of a month.


What if the start date was: 9/9/2014 and the end date was: 7/24/2016?

That workaround will give me the result of 23 which is wrong! 
But DATEDIF will give me the result of 15 which is correct!





I put this topic on the Excel UserVoice site on this link:

Fix the known issue of DATEDIF function in "md" unit and document this function!


Any comments?

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@Haytham Amairah 



I think I managed to complete the "workaround" with this formula: