Data trend line disappeared

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I have been maintaining a spreadsheet for years. It is a very simple bar chart and one of the plotted data points occurs monthly and I had it displayed as a trend line that went from month to month. Today that trend line is gone but the dates at which the data is entered (monthly) are still colored. The connecting line has simply disappeared. I went into the data source and selected hidden cells and "connect data points with a line" is grayed out. I removed the monthly data source and then reentered the data with the same results. How can I get the trend line to be displayed again? Thank you.


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@tsaureI had a similar issue where I had trend lines on two graphs tied to separate pivot tables. I noticed one of them would occasionally lose the trend line as filtering occurred, but the other would not. I looked at the associated pivot tables and saw that the table associated with the graph that was losing its trend line had no column totals, while the other table did. I added column totals to the table and the trend line issue seems to have cleared itself up. Not sure why this would cause such a thing, but here we are.

@daveahlman Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your response and solution. That is what happened to me as well. No idea what would cause one table to act differently from another, but as you said, here we are. Thanks again.