Data Model Error on Re-Open

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I create a Data Model thru Get & Transform Data on Excel 2019.

There's no issue during the Data Model creation.


But the Error pop up show after re opening the file.

It doesn't matter the data load into Data Model only or load into Data Table, it show error.



I looking for your suggestion for it.



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Are you able to create a file that shows this error, but does not contain sensitive data? If yes, please share a link to such a file here.

Dear @Jan Karel Pieterse 


Thanks for your response.


Below are the link of file.


Error File Name is Dummy FAK.xlsx

There's 3 files on the, default Query location is E:\Downloads\FAKE. It's the Query source data.


- All data is fake data, but I keep the data structure on it. 

- Error is happen in Excel 2019 only.

I tried in Excel 2013 also (with Power Query Add-Ins), there's no such of kind this issue. Unfortunately, some of formula that available on the newer becomes error. 

Default Location of Rawdata.jpeg


Thank you for your response in advance.  

I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for you. It works on my end and I do not have a copy of Excel 2019.