Data analysis function not working

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Good afternoon,

I am using Excel 2013. I have added in the Data Analysis add-on (and the VBA one). The data analysis button shows up on the right of my toolbar, but when I click it nothing happens..the box with the options of which test to run does not pop up anywhere (and I've looked to see if it's hidden behind another pane, etc.). I've tried un-installing the add on and re-installing it, Restarting my computer, etc...nothing has worked thus far. Any other suggestions?

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This is more a VBA type question.

Hi Kate,


Do you see these add-ins as active one?


to be sure they are installed. Try uncheck and check back in Manage add-ins at the bottom of optons, restrting the Excel after each.


Yes, they were added in. Thank you! My work fixed the problem. Not sure what it was, but it was something on the IT end at my job, it has been fixed. Thanks, everyone!

@Kate Lufkin 

I know it has been some time but do you know what your IT did to get this working for you? 

I am currently having the same problem




Hope you got it sorted but if not.

As suggested above.

Options-> Add-ins-> Manage-> Un-tick the Analysis Tool{ak add-in, close Excel.

Restart Excell and add it back in.

Just worked for me.

Good luck



I know is a long time but I did that but my button appears but when I click it only the side panel appears with nothing in it

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