Creating a Master Tab for multiple tabs

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I am looking to get a formula that will auto insert "X" if the same cell from any other tabs has "Y" on it.

Not sure what formula to use. The ones that I have tried all come back with errors. Any help would be great.



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You could help us help you by giving some more specifics:


  • HOW, in the formulas you've tried, do you refer to those other tabs, for starters?
    • Do you use INDIRECT? Something else?
    • While we're on the subject of other tabs, How many are there, and WHY do you have multiple tabs? (it's possible that a re-design of the overall workbook could be in order)
  • WHAT are the formulas you've tried?
  • WHAT error messages are you receiving?

Is it possible, without violating confidentiality or privileged data, for you to post the workbook in question, or a mockup of it, either here in this forum or, that failing, on OneDrive or GoogleDrive?

@mathetesI have used the if, iferror, vlookup formulas and keep getting a value error.


There is no confidentiality or privileged data, but not sure how to post it here.



INDIRECT would be a better function for referring to the same cell in a set of tabs. Here's a reference.


Notice, I suggested as an alternative to posting here that you post a copy on OneDrive or in GoogleDrive...just post a link here.


Here is the google doc link...

file name is Report Tracker Template

There are 13 tabs - Total tab & month tabs. I want the total tab to get the totals from each corresponding cell on each of the month tabs. I have the number formulas down ok, it's the text cells that I am having a problem with.

For example, D3 on each month tab will be marked with a Y or left blank. So if D3 on the July tab has a Y but none of the other month tabs - I want the D3 on Total tab to have X.
I'm sorry but that link just takes me to my-drive, i.e., MY drive. Not your drive. Nor, certainly, your file. All I see are the files in my own Google Drive.

You need to use the share my file (whatever it's called) from within Google Drive. Or, if it's an Excel sheet to begin with and you have OneDrive, that would work more effectively. But there too you need to share the access to the actual file, not just a drive.
To follow up on this description, I have something very similar on a spreadsheet of my own, and I use the INDIRECT function on a master/summary sheet to refer to cells in subordinate sheets. So if you research that link I gave earlier, you might well be able to resolve it on your own.