Countifs return 0


Hi All,

In Database worksheet, the column X, I am trying to count the values in column J (Tồn kho worksheet) with criterias in column T (Database worksheet), the formula returns right results from row 3 to row 117, but it returns 0 from row 118 to row 137

This is my formula: =COUNTIFS('Tồn kho'!$J$2:$J$28454,Database!$A118)

My Platform OS: Windows 10 pro

Office version: 2021

I have added an image and the link of sample file below

Thank you


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@small_village The formula looks for values in a range that stops on a row 28454. The missing values are below that row in the big list. change the formula to this:


=COUNTIFS('Tồn kho'!J:J,Database!$A5)


..... and copy it down


Thank for your help

It is worked