Countif Function

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Looking to count the number of values in a column without including duplicates (Column N contains values but has a ton of duplicates, and I cannot remove them from the worksheet)


The function must include: 

- a date range that the values must be within (i.e. column E contains the dates)

- Must contain a specific word (i.e. call the word XXX, and the word can be located in column T)


Is this reasonably achievable in a single formula?

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Let's say the start date is in Z1 and the end date in Z2.


=COUNTA(UNIQUE(FILTER(N2:N10000, (E2:E10000>=Z1)*(E2:E10000<=Z2)*(T2:T10000="XXX"))))


Adjust the ranges if your data extend below row 10000.

to do this without the date ranges, could I remove them and leave the rest of the formula as is?



=COUNTA(UNIQUE(FILTER(N2:N10000, T2:T10000="XXX")))


Assuming that unique values of 0 were being counted, causing the total number of unique items to be overstated due to line items containing 1 instead of 0, how could I adjust for this?

i.e, if c4=0, return 0 for the entire formula.


Sorry, I don't understand. Can you try to explain it in more detail?