Copying formulas between spreadsheets without referencing the original spreadsheet

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how do i copy a formula from 1 spreadsheet to another, and keep the formulas from referencing the original spreadsheet? I want the formulas to work in my new spreadsheet, instead of referencing the spreadsheet i copied them from.


when i copy =SUM(Jan!U44) it turns into =SUM('[MORSUM 2017.xls]Jan'!U44)


excel is adding the "morsum2017.xls" which is the source file name.

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You can copy the formula from the formula bar instead of copying the cells.

First, press F2 to edit the cell and copy the formula, then paste to the other worksheets.


I was hoping not to copy and edit all 350 formulas.



Not sure exactly what your situation is, but in reading your last plea--I was hoping not to copy and edit all 350 formulas--it occurred to me that you might not be aware that you can simply copy the entire sheet either within the same workbook or to an entirely new workbook.


Just right click on the tab at the bottom and select "Move or Copy" and proceed to either, uh, move or copy, based on how you fill out the dialog box. That will keep the original formulas all with their internal reference points. It's a way (in effect) to have one sheet serve as a template for others designed to do the same thing.


I wasn't aware you were copying 350 formula, hence my earlier submission.

So the fastest solution will be to copy the formula the way you earlier did and then replace all the instances of '[MORSUM 2017.xls] with nothing using find and replace feature.

I am sure copying the sheet from the other workbook may not work if the formula on the sheet is still linked to other sheets in the old workbook as the filename will still be showing.

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If I understood well your question, to resolve that, I usualy go to Data / Queries & Connections / Edit Links => Select the original spreadsheet ([MORSUM 2017.xls], on your exemple) => hit "Change Source" bottom => select the new spreadsheet.

Usualy It works.


But you must be carefully, in one case: If you have another cells in the same spreadsheet, with formulas (that you don't want to change) with references to the original spreadsheet, you will have a problem, because the formulas also going to be changed.



Brilliant, that did exactly what i wanted and needed. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.

I was very happy to be able to help you.
Curiously, it was also a good experience for me, because it was my second post on the Microsoft Tech Community.
Probably, on the day, you will be the one to help me;)