Copying a Worksheet to a New Workbook without Power Query Tables, etc.

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Does anyone know of an easy way to copy a worksheet from a workbook containing Power Query work to a New Workbook without any of the underlying Power Query objects?  I just want the Excel table in a new workbook!

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My guess is you shall remove all data connections in first workbook (or its copy) and after that copy all sheets from first workbook to another one. Power Query won't be copied, only sheets content

Yes, they can be removed after the sheet has been copied to a new workbook.  I'm looking for a way to ONLY copy the sheet content ... no subsequent (extra) steps to delete Power Query tables, etc.

I see. I meant not to remove Power Queries, only remove connections in Data=>Connections, however also some extra steps. On the other hand i think as far as sheet content is connecting to data model/power query they will be copied together.
If you find something how to do please share, just intresting

@Sergei Baklan - You can copy and paste on the databodyrange instead of whole table.  This can also be done automatically through code.  Only for the 1st time you will have copy paste the table manually and delete connections or paste values.