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I have individual tabs named for each day of the year that will be populated with daily data. Eg. tab called 2023-04-29, 2023-04-30 and so on. The Summary tab will be used to capture data from each day tab. Currently I have this formula in B2: =COUNTIF('2023-04-28'!C:C,"A").  My goal is to copy/paste the formal to e.g. B3 so that now the formula would be: =COUNTIF('2023-04-29'!C:C,"A"). However when I copy/paste this it copies the same formula as in B2.  Ultimately I wish to copy this formula down to work tab 2024-04-27. How do perform the copy/paste function to achieve my expected results? 

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There is no direct way to do that.
You can use INDIRECT and a list of all tabs to do that but I do not recommend that.
I would instead propose that the workbook should be organized differently. In particular, I would recommend a master data entry sheet/tab and include in that entry table the day.
THEN you can easily create daily report(s) AND any type of summaries much easier.