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Conditional formatting one cell

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I am using Excel in Microsoft 365. I want to conditionally format a single standalone cell (not a range of cells) to turn light red with dark red text when that cell has a value of less than or equal to 80 entered.  Everything I find talks about a range of cells. I am looking for just one single cell.  I have tried highlighting the cell, going to Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Less Than and then entering the value of 81.  But all that does is turn the cell light red fill with dark red text regardless of the value entered. I've also tried Conditional Formatting > New Rule > Format only cells that contain and then entering selections for cell value, between, 0 and 81, but can't get it to highlight the cell with red fill with dark red text when a value between 0 and 81 is entered.

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This rule for conditional formatting works in my sheet if the cell is B7. 

Thank you. One small problem. The .pdf is in a language i don't recognize. German perhaps? At any rate, would you happen to have an English version?


Unfortunately i only use the german version of Excel. But i can tell you the path in the english version. First you should select the cell you want to format by clicking into this cell with your mouse and then follow this path:

Conditional formatting -> New rule -> Use a formula to determine which cells to format -> Format values where this formula is true

Once you have selected this path you can enter the rule for conditional formatting and select your format.


I tried the other options Highlight cell rule -> Less than (or Between) and New rule -> Format only cells that contain and they work as expected in my sheet.

Thank you very much. I was able to get that to work nicely. For some reason my spreadsheet does not like the Highlight cell rule option even though I've cleared the conditioning for the cell. But the other option works so I'll take it. :) I appreciate your help!