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Hi Guys

I have a messy data set, 3000+ rows, and I must compare columns M and Q.  Where Q is different to M, Q needs to be the value captured in M.  Or if easier the correct value could go to a new cell/column.

I have played with Replace, X Lookup, and X match but I can't figure this out.  Hoping someone can assist :)






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Here is a simply approach. To compare columns M and Q in your Excel dataset and replace the values in column Q with those from column M where they are different, you can use a combination of Excel functions like IF and IFERROR. Here's how you can do it:

Assuming your data starts in row 2, and the data in columns M and Q are in cells M2 and Q2, respectively, you can follow these steps:

  1. In a new column, such as column R, starting from row 2, enter the following formula in cell R2:

=IF(M2<>Q2, M2, Q2)

This formula checks if the value in column M (M2) is different from the value in column Q (Q2). If they are different, it takes the value from column M; otherwise, it keeps the value from column Q.

  1. Copy the formula in cell R2 down to apply it to all the rows in your dataset.

Now, column R should contain the values from column M where they were different from column Q, and it will keep the values from column Q where they were the same. You can copy and paste these values over column Q if you want to replace the original values.

This method will help you clean up your data by capturing the correct values in column M where they differ from column Q. The text was created with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.


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Hi, Thank you for your help.  It didn't quite work.  I copied it into row T and it picked up the address in Q, which I want where they differ from M, But it only gave me a 0.  I have tried swapping the cell values around but I only get either all of M or all of Q with 0 values.   I have tried trying to get that to the reference M2 but to no avail.  Would appreciate any further help you can give me.

I am not great with this sort of thing.  Punching above my weight here:(







I Think i got it sorted. I had to use IFERROR. Had to do it twice to get it to return a #value instead of a 0

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