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I am attempting to overlay a line chart on top of a column chart that filters by the day. I cannot upload a picture of sample data for some reason but my table has the headers: Reason, Mon, Tue, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, Grand total in that order. Under Reason I have 10 different text reasons, and the days are populated with numerical data. I want the reasons to be the column part of my graph with the grand total making it up. I want a line chart than can be filtered by day that bounces from one reason to the next. If anyone has any feedback on how to format it I'd much appreciate it!







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Hi @ExcelNovice2319 


First, with the help of Index() & MAtch() functions you can arrange your data, and then you can easily make a combo chart.


Please refer to the attached sample file and let me know if it works for you.




This is perfect! thank you for your help! @tauqeeracma 

If I may ask though, how did you make the filter at the top? I cant seem to recreate that

Hi @ExcelNovice2319 


You can insert a filter (List-of-Values) in excel using the below steps:


Go to the cell where you want to insert the filter (in this case C2), then

Select Data > Data Validation > List > [actual data]


You may refer to the screenshot for more clarity.




In the SOURCE field, you have options either to manually input the values or define a range.