combine columns

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I am trying to combine three columns into one with a new format.


with resulting format 



I have tried text join, ampersand, and concat, but get the following:

=TEXTJOIN("/", TRUE, Table134[@PROJECT]:Table134[@[Unit (Block)]:[Column1]])


How do I hold the text contents of the cell?  Holding control key while selecting cells to combine did not work...


Thanks for any help!

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Assuming the idea is to separate Alpha. & Digits in each cell, then to concat. all:



With MSFT 365, in G4 - formula Spills as a Dynamic Array:

    SplitAlphaNum, LAMBDA(str,
            pos, COUNT(SEARCH(CHAR(SEQUENCE(26,,97)),LOWER(str))),
            IF(pos = 0, str, TEXTJOIN("/",,LEFT(str,pos),MID(str,pos+1,LEN(str)-pos)))
    MAP(Table134[PROJECT],Table134[Unit (Block)],Table134[Column1],
            TEXTJOIN("/",, SplitAlphaNum(Proj), SplitAlphaNum(Block), SplitAlphaNum(Comm))


I'll try it, thanks!