Color coding by changing dates giving me grief

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Hi! would appreciate anyone's help on this. I am trying to color code rows based on similar dates as shown:



i tried this code which worked till row 107 for some reason.. can anyone help figure out what happening please, thanks alot!




Note: dates are being added everyday. this formula worked when i had already used old data but stopped working as i started entering a new date

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Up to and including A106, the cells contain only a date (with midnight as time).

Starting in A107, the cells contain a formula that returns the date AND time - it uses NOW().


  1. Manually, type the date 4-27-23 (without time) in A107:A111.
  2. Change the formula in A112 to =IF(B112<>"",IF(A112<>"",A112,TODAY()),"")
  3. Double-click the fill handle in the lower right corner of A112 to fill down.
Thank you so much! completely missed that