Check boxes aligned on Excel worksheet but not when printing...

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I've created a form with a few checkboxes. The checkboxes are lined up when looking at the form on the computer screen, but when printed the checkboxes print in the wrong spot.


The first image is where they should be, the second image is where they're ending up.


Can anyone help me, please oh please?


Thank you so much!


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Is this maybe a question for support?

@DianeDennis Difficult to judge from pictures alone. Can you upload your workbook? Delete any private and confidential information though.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Oh! Absolutely! Thank you!! Here you go.  

@Riny_van_Eekelen Hi All!


Should I go ahead and contact support about this?


Thank you again!!


@DianeDennis Opened your file on both a Mac and a PC. On both machines it didn't look nice at all. The check-boxes were not aligned. Even if they had been properly aligned in the sheet, I would not have been surprised that they don't line up in a printed version.


You have a text in C9 (2259 characters) in one merged cell spanning 8 columns and 15 rows.  Then cell B13 is merged over 10 rows and you have "spaced" the numbers by using multiple line feeds, with text-boxes floating on top. Merged cells can give rise to all sorts of nasty problem. Perhaps the alignment issue is caused bit that.


Why not redesign the schedule. Cut up your text in smaller bits and place them on the regular grid, avoiding merged cells. 



@Riny_van_Eekelen  Hi!
Ooh boy, that shot so high over my head radar picked it up. ;o) I think I need to find some good training videos lol.


Would you be able to explain further your final paragraph?


What is the "regular" grid? When I "view grid" it's the lines of the spreadsheet I'm seeing, as opposed to some other grid.


And this: "Cut up your text in smaller bits and place them on the regular grid, avoiding merged cells." I don't understand, I'm sorry. 


If it's too much to explain, do you by chance know of a good set of videos/training I could watch to give me a better understanding of what you wrote?


Thank you so much for helping me with this!!


@DianeDennis Sorry for being unclear. Let me ask first if the lay-out you have now is important? The table on the right hand side doesn't seem to line-up with the text column on the left. Could you, for instance, have the text in the top potion of the schedule and the table below it?

@DianeDennis Attached and example for you to judge. When I print Sheet2 to a PDF, the check-boxes neatly line up with the corresponding rows in the Excel file. Now, I must admit that I sinned by using merged cells. Sorry, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Hi!


Please, no apology needed! Thank you.


Unfortunately yes it's required that it be laid out the way it is. Well, it's not required per se but there's a perception amongst users, that will never be changed, that it is the required layout so I'm forced to follow it.


In the past I eventually gave up on the checkboxes and just used the grid itself to make small boxes that people could put an X inside. I'm wondering if I may have to go that route again.


Thank you again!!


@Riny_van_Eekelen It's nice! I wish I could get away with switching it up.

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@DianeDennis Fair enough, but perhaps you get my point, being that you start every section that needs to have a check-box (or bordered cell) on its own row.



lol, actually I didn't get your point until you spelled it out. Thank you! Some things my brain just refuses to comprehend.


Thank you for figuring it out for me!